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AMD Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a forum to support Military Dermatology by recognizing academic excellence, leadership, and service to country; to bring together members of the uniformed services through the free exchange of ideas and solutions across all branches of service; to further improve the art and science of dermatology; to act as spokesperson for dermatologists serving in the uniformed services; and to offer a source of fellowship and camaraderie that spans all generations, young and old, retired and active, so that we can better serve our country and our fellow man.


Cutis is the official journal of the Association of Military Dermatologists (AMD).

The Military Dermatology column is published quarterly and focuses on an important area of skin disease in which military dermatologists have extensive expertise.

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Annual Meeting

Thank you to those who attended the 2024 Meeting in San Diego. 

More details to come for the 2025 AMD Meeting in Orlando!

Who are the Members of the AMD?

The members of AMD represent decades of military dermatologists – Both current and prior active-duty.

“The AMD is the central focus of education and fellowship for all past and present military dermatologists. As it unites physicians through sharing of common experiences and goals collaborative efforts to continuously improve patient care are advanced.”

William D. James, M.D., FAAD

“The old quip is true: “You can take us out of the military but you can’t take the military out of us”. I still get up early, do morning PT and feel an obligation to my mission of delivering patient care, serving the community, and teaching the next generation. The Association of Military Dermatologists unites us in our common mission and gives us an opportunity to reconnect with our friends and share our experiences. We still have a journal — Cutis is now the official journal of the AMD and features manuscripts relevant to military medicine. Pay it forward — Always do your best, read about the latest developments in our specialty, and support one another in our lifelong journeys.”

Dirk M. Elston, M.D., FAAD, FCAP