CUTIS + AMD Partnership

Cutis is the official journal of the Association of Military Dermatologists (AMD). A Military Dermatology column is published quarterly that focuses on a topic for which military dermatologists have extensive expertise.


We are honored to work with Cutis on this Military Dermatology column, which allows for a range of topics such as: grooming standards and their effects on skin (PFB, AKN, etc), travel medicine, disorders affecting returning soldiers, important considerations in treating the military population, and even more common research/topics which highlight the contributions of military dermatologists.


If you would like to contribute to the quarterly column please click here (link to “submit a manuscript idea”). Prior to submission please visit the Cutis journal website (link “Cutis journal website with the link below) to review the topics previously published to ensure your potential manuscript adds to the originality of thought for Cutis readership to enjoy.


Recent Quarterly Columns are listed below:

Oct 2021

Cutaneous Cold Weather Injuries in the US Military 

Robert A. Kowtoniuk, DO   Yizhen E. Liu, MD   Jonathan P. Jeter, MD

July 2021

From Buns to Braids and Ponytails: Entering a New Era of Female Military Hair-Grooming Standards

Jessica M. May Franklin, DO   Wendi E. Wohltmann, MD   Emily B. Wong, MD

April 2021

Apremilast Uses and Relevance to the Military

Nathanael E. Hathaway, MD   Willis Hughes Lyford, MD

Jan 2021

Skin Cancer in the US Military

Ryan Gall, MD   Michelle Bongiorno, MD   Kent Handfield, MD, MPH

Oct 2020

Hidradenitis Suppurativa in the Military

Roxana Y. Godiwalla, DO   Erin B. Storie, DO   Aubrey E. Winn, MD

Jul 2020

Fighting Acne for the Fighting Forces

Catherine Brahe, MD   Kristopher Peters, DO

May 2020 (Commentary)

Risk Factors and Management of Skin Cancer Among Active-Duty Servicemembers and Veterans

Cary Dunn, MD   Justin P. Bandino, MD   Abel Jarell, MD   Nicholas F. Logemann, MD  Jerry Miller, MD

May 2020

Acne Keloidalis Nuchae in the Armed Forces 

Catherine Brahe, MD   Kristopher Peters, DO   Nicole Meunier, MD

Jan 2020

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Dermatology

Jonathan P. Jeter, MD   Emily B. Wong, MD

Sep 2019

Atopic Dermatitis in the US Military 

Kelly L. Riegleman, MD   G. Strider Farnsworth, MD   Emily B. Wong, MD

June 2019

Treatment Consideration for US Military Members With Skin Disease 

By Kristina R. Burke, MD   David C. Larrymore, MD   Sunghun Cho, MD

Feb 2019

The Dermatologist’s Role in Amputee Skin Care

Ford M. Lannan, MS   Jon H. Meyerle, MD

Jan 2019

Combat Dermatology: The Role of the Deployed Army Dermatologist 

Timothy A. Durso, MD   Bart O. Iddins, MD   Nathanial R. Miletta, MD

Nov 2018

Military Grooming Standards and Their Impact on Skin Diseases of the Head and Neck 

Aeja N. Weiss, MSc   Olivia M. Arballo, DO   Nathanial R. Miletta, MD   Wendi E. Wohltmann, MD

Aug 2018

Laser Scar Management: Focused and High-Intensity Medical Exchange in Vietnam 

Peter R. Shumaker, MD

May 2018

Teledermatology in the US Military: A Historic Foundation for Current and Future Applications 

Jane Hwang, MD   Charlene Kakimoto, MD, MSc

Feb 2018

Smallpox Vaccine Complications: The Dermatologist’s Role in Diagnosis and Management 

Janelle Robertson, MD   Jason Susong, MD   Emily B. Wong, MD

Oct 2017

Skin Cancer in Military Pilots: A Special Population With Special Risk Factors 

Bart D. Wilkison, MD   Emily B. Wong, MD

Jul 2017

Management of Trauma and Burn Scars: The Dermatologist’s Role in Expanding Patient Access to Care

Nathanial R. Miletta, MD   Matthias B. Donelan, MD   Chad M. Hivnor, MD

May 2017

Total-Body Photography in Skin Cancer Screening: The Clinical Utility of Standardized Imaging 

Alexandra Rosenberg, MD, MPhil   Jon H. Meyerle, MD

Feb 2017

Photoprotection Prevents Skin Cancer: Let’s Make It Fashionable to Wear Sun-Protective Clothing

Jeffrey M. Milch, DO   Nicholas F. Logemann, DO

Dec 2016

Psoriasis Treatment Considerations in Military Patients: Unique Patients, Unique Drugs 

By Thomas Evans, DO   Nathan Davidson, PhD   Nicholas Logemann, DO